An important objective of the project is to build up a sustainable research infrastructure through the establishment of collaboration among engaged scholars and experts. For this purpose, universities and public institutions may be given the status of a research ‘hub’. Reciprocal research cooperation includes: (1) Collaboration with one or two research partners in each ‘hub’ institution; (2) The cosmopolitan principle; Seeing our research design and results ‘with the eyes of the others’ implies that research projects and public lectures in each ‘hub’ are designed to reflect this cosmopolitan principle. (3) Such a cosmopolitan research capacity, spanning across several countries, will establish a group of partner researchers who could – as a group – build further collaboration with respect to publications, conferences and research projects.

Our Europe-Asia Research Network (EARN) is the first of such research infrastructure. It has been established between the Institute for Cosmopolitan Studies at LMU and research partner ‘hubs’ across East Asia. The following researchers and their home institutions are part of the EARN.


Professor Emeritus Sang-Jin Han
Seoul National University

Professor Young-Hee Shim
Hanyang University, Seoul

Sae-Seul Park
Joongmin Foundation for Social Theory, Seoul

Shinichiro Asayama, PhD
National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan

Kuo-Hui Chang
Risk Society and Policy Research Center, National Taiwan University

Professor Kyung-Sup Chang
Seoul National University

Professor Kuei Tien Chou
Director of Risk Society and Policy Research Center, National Taiwan University

Professor Fuyuki Kurasawa
Department of Sociology, York University, Canada

Professor Kiyomitsu Yui
Kobe University, Japan

Professor Sun-Jin Yun
Seoul National University

Professor Yandong Zhao
Director, Institute of Science, Technology and Society Chinese Academy of S&T for Development


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Methodological Cosmopolitanism

In the Laboratory of Climate Change

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