This workshop is by invitation only

At the heart of the CosmoClimate research programme is the argument that an epistemological turn is needed in the social sciences: a turn from ‘methodological nationalism’ towards ‘methodological cosmopolitanism’. There is, by now, a solid ground of theoretical discussion of the need for this epistemological turn – especially coming out of sociology and addressing sociologists. The next step is the methodological cashing-in of the theoretical premises and the exploration of socio-political reality from a cosmopolitan observer outlook. For that, a further opening towards academic disciplines beyond sociology and their premises, concerns and methods is necessary.

The aim of this workshop is twofold.

  1. First, it aims to start a conversation about ‘cosmopolitan data’ across the boundaries of social science disciplines. Are there distinct cosmopolitan methods? Is there a distinct combination of existing methods that turns research into being ‚cosmopolitan‘? What is the unit of cosmopolitan analysis? Or shall we speak of a cosmopolitan unit of analysis? Importantly, are there distinct cosmopolitan data? And, if so, how do they look and how are they to be generated?
  1. Second, it aims to gather and galvanize ideas about methods, data generation and data processing that can directly feed into and advance the methodological side of the four empirical workpackages of the ‘CosmoClimate’-programme.

The potential of digital data and ‘big data’ has been identified as particularly interesting for the thinking about and practicing of cosmopolitan empirical research and ‘cosmopolitan data’. Hence, one of the main foci of the workshop will be ‘methodologies of ‘big data’ analysis in spheres of cosmopolitization’.

Methodological Cosmopolitanism

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