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Current Sociology: Emancipatory Catastrophism, Climate Change and Risk Society

This special section in Current Sociology features Ulrich Beck's article 'Emancipatory catastrophism: What does it mean to climate change and risk society' and a discussion of it by six authors.

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Security Policy and (Global) Risk(s)

This paper introduces and discusses the two different approaches to ‘risk’ within the practice and study of security: the 'modern' idea of risk, and Beck’s concept of ‘global risk’ and its implied imperative to rethink modern security institutions.

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Cosmopolitan communities of climate risk

Mitigating human-induced climate change calls for a globalized change of consciousness and practice. It also demand a double transformation of the social sciences – first, from ‘methodological nationalism’ to ‘methodological cosmopolitanism’ and, second, an empirical reorientation towards ‘cosmopolitization’ as the social force of emerging cosmopolitan realities.

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Ulrich Beck: Pioneer in Cosmopolitan Sociology and Risk Society

This book presents Ulrich Beck, one of the world’s leading sociologists and social thinkers, as a Pioneer in Cosmopolitan Sociology and Risk Society. The book was published on the occasion of Ulrich Beck’s 70th birthday. It presents his work from the perspectives of his peers

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Risk, class, crisis, hazards and cosmopolitan solidarity/risk community – conceptual and methodological clarifications

Ulrich Beck's paper discusses four problems. (1) Risk and class: why ‘class’ is too soft a category to capture the explosiveness of social inequality in World Risk Society? (2) Risk and crisis: how do these two concepts relate to each other? (3) Risk and hazards: by hazards I mean material substances that are sources of threat. (4) Risk and cosmopolitan community/solidarity: how do climate risks liberate politics from given rules and enemy images and/or produce new ones ?

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The Coal Renaissance and Cosmopolitized Low-Carbon Societies

Current efforts at 'low-carbon transition' are marked by a striking paradox: the 'phenomenal' and 'historically incredible' resurgence of coal.

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Cosmopolitan Nation: Re-imagining Collectivity in the World Risk Society

The concept of the national is often perceived as the central obstacle for the realization of cosmopolitan orientations. Consequently, debates about the nation tend to revolve around its persistence or its demise. This article departs from this either-or perspective by investigating the formation of the ‘cosmopolitan nation’ as a facet of world risk society.

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A Conversation between Ulrich Beck and Bruno Latour

Die globale Erwärmung schafft eine neue Weltkarte. Spielt sich darauf ein Krieg aller gegen alle ab? Ein Gespräch mit Ulrich Beck und Bruno Latour, geführt von Sabine Selchow

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Greening cosmopolitan urbanism?

This paper engages key social theories of transnational mobilities in order to forge the concept of urban ‘green’ cosmopolitization, posited as a social scientific contribution to epochal conversations on climate change. Bringing Ulrich Beck’s notion of ‘cosmopolitization’ to bear on recent work around ‘urban policy mobilities’, professional planning practices in large-scale world cities as privileged sites for contemporary imaginings and material implementations of low-carbon sociotechnical change are analysed.

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