Principle Investigator and Grant Holder


Prof. Dr. Ulrich Beck

Scientific coordinator: Dipl.-Soz. Albert Groeber
Prof Beck’s office: Almut Kleine




Prof. Dr. Stephan Lessenich


Lead Researchers – Work Packages


Assoc. Prof. Anders Blok, PhD

WP Greening World Cities


Dr Sabine Selchow

WP Security Governance and Global Risks


Dr David Tyfield

WP Low Carbon Innovation


Assoc. Prof. Dr Ingrid Volkmer

WP Cosmopolitan Publicness



General research team and PhD students


Dr. Zhifei Mao
Kasim Sharif
Line Marie Thorsen
Ian Gray



Researchers – Sub-Projects


Prof. Daniel Levy, PhD

SP: Cosmopolitan Nations (with Prof. Ulrich Beck)


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Svetla Marinova
Dipl.-Soz. Albert Groeber

SP: Ulrich Beck’s Cosmopolitan Sociology: (Theoretical) Perspectives and (Research) Options of a New Social Scientific Paradigm


Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Beck-Gernsheim

SP: World Families and Critique of Methodological Nationalism


Prof. Julia S. Guivant, PhD

SP: Politics of Certification


Ana María Vara, PhD

SP: South America and Cosmopolitization



Members of the Europe-Asia Research Network


Professor Emeritus Sang-Jin Han

Seoul National University

Professor Young-Hee Shim

Hanyang University, Seoul

Sae-Seul Park

Joongmin Foundation for Social Theory, Seoul

Shinichiro Asayama, PhD

National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan

Kuo-Hui Chang

Risk Society and Policy Research Center, National Taiwan University

Professor Kyung-Sup Chang

Seoul National University

Professor Kuei Tien Chou

Director of Risk Society and Policy Research Center, National Taiwan University

Professor Fuyuki Kurasawa

Department of Sociology, York University, Canada

Professor Kiyomitsu Yui

Kobe University, Japan

Professor Sun-Jin Yun

Seoul National University

Professor Yandong Zhao

Director, Institute of Science, Technology and Society Chinese Academy of S&T for Development

Methodological Cosmopolitanism

In the Laboratory of Climate Change

Ludwig-Maximillians-Universität München Institute für Soziologie European Research Council